Professionals Trained & Advised
Professionals Trained & Advised

Dr. Brandi has trained and advised over 100k professionals in her 10+ year career.

Keynotes & Presentations
Keynotes & Presentations

Dr. Brandi boasts over 450 speaking engagements to both national and international audiences.

Companies & Nonprofits Served
Companies & Nonprofits Served

Dr. Brandi has worked with over 200 organizations across both the private and public sector.

You've Played by the Rules and Look Where It's Gotten You...

If you're anything like me, you've played by the rules because you were told that getting good grades in school, going to college, and finding that perfect 9-5 would be the key to personal happiness and life success.

Now, years later, you're realizing that your life is anything but "successful". You're constantly overwhelmed by your day-to-day responsibilities, you think about money way too much (because you don't have enough of it), your job (or business) isn't all that you thought it would be, and your friendships are family relationships are mediocre at best. You can barely take a vacation each year, and when you do, it only reminds you of the unfulfilled life you have to go back to.

This just can't be your life right now... but it is.

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Meanwhile, (it seems like) everybody else is doing better than you are...

Happy couples on the 'gram, dope entrepreneurs in private jets, super moms, and everyday people turned "influencers" who are showing a confidence that you haven't had in years. What did you miss? What do they have that you don't? Why can't YOU have a fulfilled life that doesn't feel like you're just holding on from week to week?

Uggh... life has been "life-ing" lately and you've lost your motivation. One setback after another has beaten you down. It's just safer to settle for what you have, instead of what you could be. But I believe that you CAN have the life that you want, if you learn what so many others have learned, but no one has been willing to share... until now.

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"The Concept of Being Rare and Not Relevant is Exactly What Our World Needs Right Now"

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She's Keeping it Real
A Refreshing Perspective
Like Advice from a Friend
Authentic and Transparent
She's Keeping it Real

"Dr. Brandi is hilarious! I like the fact that she's keeping it real AND professional at the same time. I've binge watched so many videos already. Great content."

Jenaya White, Nat'l Nonprofit Executive Director

A Refreshing Perspective

"Dr. Brandi isn't regurgitating the same 'guru' tips we've already heard from YouTube or other platforms. You can tell that she's speaking from real-life experience and wisdom that she's accumulated over the years."

Emilio Osoria, Corporate Learning & Development Leader

Like Advice from a Friend

"Dr. Brandi's delivery is direct and straightforward. It feels like you're listening to that friend who is more committed to telling you the truth than cosigning your feelings. I'm here for all of it!"

Kyra King, Nat'l Speaker and Trucking Logistics Entrepreneur

Authentic and Transparent

"Dr. Brandi doesn't hold back on personal examples and stories that let me know that she's the real deal. I admire that about her. Many 'experts' never share their stumbling blocks, just the solution. That's not the case with Dr. Brandi."

Tyrone Richardson, Shipping Certification Submarine Builder

#RareNotRelevant Academy

Do you feel like you're so close, and yet still so far away from achieving your life's purpose? If so, join the "Rare Not Relevant Academy" and access life empowering sessions that will teach you how to think and live life UNLIKE the rest of the world. Learn how to embrace your RARENESS, instead of chasing what's relevant. Don't follow the trends, set the trends.

Rare Not Relevant Podcast

Dr. Brandi has an urgent call to action about the most important priorities people should have to survive personally and professionally in the new not-so-normal world that we live in today.

Launching February

Leadership + Entrepreneurship

In today's economy you can't afford NOT to know how to make generate wealth through entrepreneurship. Don't miss out on an opportunity to learn the most important skill of our generation-- making money.

Make More Money

Per-FAKE-tion with Dr. Brandi

Dr. Brandi is teaching you how to develop authentic confidence and build your self-esteem by releasing the need for (what she calls) "per-fake-tion".

New Series!

Diversity & Confusion Podcast

Season 2 of the Diversity & Confusion Podcast is back and better than ever. Dr. Brandi is sharing her take on all things DEI. Hate it or love it... but don't miss it!

New season launches this Fall

Embrace Your Rareness

Get the motivation, information, and transformation that you need by joining the Rare Not Relevant Academy and get mentorship that will help you thrive in the midst of life's challenges.

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Access all sessions from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device so that you never miss an opportunity to level-up your life.

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"An army of sheep led by a lion, will always defeat an army of lions led by a sheep" -African Proverb

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